Author: Holden Yoon Seung Kim

The 2nd Meeting of Korean Eye Care Working Group


On the 4th of June, 2019, representatives from IAPB member organizations in South Korea gathered together for the 2nd meeting of Korean Eye Care Working Group (KECWG).  The members were Good People International, Korean Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness, Project BOM affiliated with Yonsei University Severance Hospital, and Vision Care Services.  Tech start-ups concerned…

Eye Health for Peace and Prosperity


A single most memorable event of the IAPB CoM 2017 (Council of Members 2017) in Nepal for me, as a South Korean citizen, was when Dr. Gyun Jin Choy of Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital presented, “North Korea Blindness & Visual impairment.” I could tell that everyone else in the room was quite thrilled about the…

Korean Startups innovate with braille technology & diagnostic tools


At the end of the May 2018, Drew Keys, the Regional Program Manager of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) Western Pacific region visited South Korea to facilitate the organization’s collaboration and cooperation with its partners in the country.  Amongst the various activities he took part in, was a special session on innovation…