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Strategic Planning for 2018-2020

Strategic Plan 2018-2020 - Blue background with outline of globe

Steering Our Path Together to 2020

IAPB’s current strategic plan will end this year. Since its approval in 2013 much progress has been achieved thanks to the collective efforts the strategy engendered. A few milestones:

We believe we are now a more united, effective and relevant player in the health and development arenas than we were at the start of the current plan.

A New Plan: First steps

To kickstart the 2018-2020 strategic planning process, an initial short survey was developed  for all those with an interest in eye health, from across all member and partner organisations. Answers will help us map the range of opportunities and threats those working to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision impairment face in their daily work, and how IAPB may help.

This survey is now closed. Many thanks to the nearly 300 individuals who have completed the survey.

Following that, a more in-depth questionnaire was emailed out to IAPB members only in order to collate member organisations' views on what the next plan should include. Responses (only one per member organisation) are being collected till 28 February. If you are the main representative of an IAPB member and have not received the questionnaire please get in touch.

Answers from the two surveys, together with one-to-one consultations with a number of key stakeholders and a review of the external environment networks operate in, will inform a draft plan to be discussed at the IAPB Board meeting in Dubai, 3-5 April. Further consultations will then follow, leading to the approval of a new strategic plan at the IAPB Council meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 15-18 September.

If you have any question on the IAPB's strategic process, or would like to provide any feedback, pease email adicapua@iapb.org

Who is it for?

For members:

IAPB is not just the Secretariat and its regional offices, but it's the sum of all staff and members' work when acting collaboratively together. IAPB's startegy is our strategy: IAPB is the lead global agency for all issues in blindess and vision impairment.

For international partners:

Universal eye care touches on issues such as disability, poverty and equity, and eye conditions are linked to broader considerations such as sanitation, lifestyle and ageing; strategic collaborations with other relevant health networks are key to our success.

For eye care professionals:

With its focus on integrated eye health systems and the development of sustainable eye care workforces, IAPB's advocacy efforts influence planning decisions around human resources for eye health.

For national eye health coordinators:

Our ultimate goal is to affect change at national level, to ensure all people have access to comprehensive quality eye care services, integrated into national health systems, without suffering financial hardship.

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), Registered Charity No: 1100559, Company Limited by Guarantee No: 4620869, Registered in England & Wales