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Global Strategic Workshops

IAPB, as a membership organisation, is perfectly placed to bring together key stakeholders in eye health to determine global strategies to support the strengthening of eye care. Global strategic workshops provide an effective platform to leverage the expertise and knowledge among the membership and beyond to look at solutions with a global perspective for challenges of a global scale. 

Global RAAB, mRRAB and PEEK review and planning meeting, October 2016, Durban, S. Africa

This was a follow up meeting to the November 2015 one and brought togther the same community to look at progress since the previous meeting and to hear about the exciting developments around mRAAB and PEEK being led by ICEH who have secured funding to support the development of mRAAB and PEEK. The meeting also took time to review the proposed governance structure for RAAB and mRAAB and made recommndatiosn to ensure that the structure incorporated technical experts from the regions as well as the funders and developers. 


RAAB Stakeholders - November 2015, London, U.K. 

One area where IAPB has been a leader and facilitator has been to bring together the eye health community who are involved in RAABs , either as RAAB experts, content developers, funders or commissioners of RAABs. This 2015 global stakeholders meeting was used to look at the RAAB tool and take this opportunity to review the tool, its content, use and governance and to provide recommendations for its future. This meeting was used to update the community on the mobile application for carrying out RAABs - the mRRAB and the future plans for its use.  


Training up RAAB Trainers

June 2013, UK

To support the GAP priority to collect evidence on blindness and visual impairment through surveys IAPB members identified the need to train up more RAAB master trainers to promote the capacity within each region to conduct RAAB’s – an accurate and relatively quick and inexpensive survey on eye diseases and surgical outcomes.  The RAAB methodology is specifically endorsed by the WHO in the GAP.

 11 people from Moldova, DRC, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Nepal, Yemen, Egypt and the U.K were trained They have now completed their theoretical training and await certification on a RAAB under supervision of a qualified RAAB accreditor. By training up more RAAB master trainers who, once accredited, will provide enough master trainers to meet the demand in most regions. This will help facilitate more RAABs and the gathering of critical data for the effective planning and management of eye care programmes.RAAB ToT, UK . By March 2014 six of these were either certified or were scheduled to be certified.





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