2013 IAPB Members Survey

62 respondents from member organisations filled in the annual Member Survey, circulated this February. The survey aims at capturing regular satisfaction rates on the membership experience and the services we provide so that we can constantly monitor and work to improve our performance. 


Respondents reported overall membership satisfaction rates of 86% (88% in 2011), with similarly high level of satisfaction on the way we communicate with members (85%, a positive improvement from the 77% who found our communications useful in 2011).

In particular respondents saw IAPB as a strong voice advocating on the global stage (84%) and as a source of relevant information, news and updates on eye health (84%). Many responses also indicated a growing demand for opportunities to share and learn among the membership.

Specific questions addressed in particular the Council of Members meeting format and the online Standard List. Full responses can be downloaded at the link below.

Going Forward

As the 2011 survey informed our thinking around the General Assembly and the development of our member communication (with the introduction of IAPB Focus and the revamp of our website), we will be using the indications of this survey to develop platforms for members interaction (for example at the Council of Members) and ensure our services reflect your needs.

If you have any comment or suggestions, please use the comment form below or send us an email.

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