Governance and Reports

IAPB is a UK charitable registered company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated in the UK on 18 December 2002 and registered as a charity on 6 November 2003.

The company was established under a memorandum of association which established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its articles of association.

Representatives of IAPB member organisations which are company law members i.e. all member organisations with the exception of national VISION 2020 bodies, meet in Council once a year. Even though more than one representative per member organisation can attend the meeting, each organisation only has one vote. The President and Chairman of the Board of IAPB is the chair of Council. The meetings are normally held back to back with a meeting of the Board of Trustees in September/October every year.

The annual Council meeting provides the opportunity for members to contribute to the future planning and development of IAPB. In addition to receiving feedback from the Board, committees and regional chairs, the Council meeting enables members to network and identify ways in which they can collaborate together and add value to their activities. Members have formal responsibilities when meeting in annual general meeting (AGM) for appointing trustees and approving the audited accounts and the appointment of the auditors.

The key governing body of IAPB is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees comprises of IAPB Officers, Nominated Trustees, Elected Trustees and Regional Chairs. Role descriprion, person specification as well as rules to be (s)elected on the Board can be found on the Board Terms of Reference.

You can download below a full list of resources to help you navigate through IAPB governance. If you have further questions please contact the Company Secretary.