IAPB Vice President: Victoria Sheffield

IAPB Vice President Victoria Sheffield

IAPB Vice President, Victoria Sheffield is President and CEO of eye care NGO and IAPB member the International Eye Foundation (IEF).

Ms. Sheffield has 45 years experience in ophthalmology and international blindness prevention. After service as a Viet Nam era veteran in the US Air Force Medical Corps, she trained as a Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist at the Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, DC. Ms. Sheffield joined IEF in 1979 as Assistant Director for Paramedical Training Programs living and working in Kenya for three years. In 1984, she joined Helen Keller International as Director of Technical, Educational, and Scientific Services where she consulted with the WHO’s “Programme for Prevention of Blindness” and worked closely with UNICEF during the drought and famine in Ethiopia and Sudan in 1985/1986 battling vitamin A deficiency and trachoma.

She has held leadership positions within IAPB, VISION2020/USA, InterAction, AAO committees, the IPOSC Advisory Board, and the Board of the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. Among her numerous awards and citations are the 2010 “Prince Abdulaziz Ahmad Al Saud Prevention of Blindness Award” from MEACO, and the AAO Senior Achievement Award in 2014.  She is an Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, DACOR – An Organization of Foreign Service Professionals, and is an Honorary Member of the Union of Bulgarian Ophthalmologists and the Albanian Society of Ophthalmology. She has professional experience in 42 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.