Diabetic Retinopathy Work Group

At its meeting in April 2013, the IAPB Board agreed to establish a Work Group on Diabetic Retinopathy (DR).

The DR Work Group is an ad hoc group of IAPB members committed to the development, testing and scale up of innovative models for the prevention, treatment and management of diabetic retinopathy.

Underpinning the work of the group is the need to foster greater collaboration amongst eye health INGOs and the diabetes sector.

The Work Group serves as a platform for collaboration and advocacy, and also for the development of tools and resources to support this work. Initial priorities include:

  • Program planning and implementation tools (such as program management guidelines, key messages for patient education);
  • Ensuring a solid evidence base for advocacy;
  • Advancing technology solutions, such as low-cost fundus cameras and;
  • Identifying appropriate workforce training models including online training for graders;
  • Pursuing a broad based research agenda examining the effectiveness of DR prevention, identification and treatment strategies.


Membership is open to INGOs with existing projects in DR or a commitment to doing so, and an interest in collaborating on solutions and advocacy.

For more information on the DR Work Group and how to get involved, email us.

Read more – https://www.iapb.org/knowledge/what-is-avoidable-blindness/diabetic-retinopathy/


ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care

IAPB Essential Equipment List for Diabetic Retinopathy

WHO Global Report on Diabetes http://www.who.int/diabetes/global-report/en/

Community Eye Health Journal (special issue on DR ) http://www.cehjournal.org/

Diabetes Eye Health: a guide for health professionals and associated resources http://www.idf.org/eyehealth

Access below resources and information made available by the group from its initial meetings:

Beijing 10/2015 Paris 09/2014 Singapore 03/2014 Brighton 09/2013 Bangkok 04/2013

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