Organisational Development

While gender equality has been a guiding principle for many organisations for many years, the G7’s and World Economic Forum’s recommendations for advancing gender equality, movements like #MeToo and other recent events encourage a global push for gender equality; they galvanise and strengthen much of what we have all been doing, and present new opportunities to build on our work.

Through the Gender Equity Work Group, the preventable blindness sector has an unique opportunity to unite and speak with one voice, to strengthen gender equality in our organisations and collectively.

Organisational Development Tools

We have identified three tools to help members assess their organisation’s progress towards gender equality. These tools cover both organisational progress and programme progress.

Global Health 50/50’s Self-Assessment Tool – a tool currently being used by 198 global health organisations to assess and track progress toward gender equality. We recommend starting with this Assessment Tool. See explanation below.

Light for the World’s Gender Inclusion Score Card – an organisational assessment which helps identify actions needed to become more gender inclusive.

International Labour Office’s Participatory Gender Audit Methodology – which generates organisational buy-in through its methodology.


We recommend starting with the Global Health 50/50 Self-Assessment tool. You can complete this assessment in five minutes, or you can use it to open up conversations about steps you can take to raise awareness of the issue and discuss specific areas you might want to focus on more.

2019 is the third year the tool has been used. With results published in their annual “Equality Works” report, you can also see how you compare to the 198 global health organisations (non-profits, corporations, governments, etc.) whose results are being tracked annually.

And when you’re ready to dig deeper, the Light for the World and International Labour Office tools both provide an in-depth look at your organisation.