Long Term Global Indicators

The role of the Global Indicators Work Group (GIWG) is to assess and develop mechanisms to collect a common set of long term outcome indicators to enable more consistent reporting on the impact of efforts to address avoidable blindness.

The GIWG will collectively review what is working effectively, what can be addressed in collaboration, and what activities the sector should be focusing on to improve reporting on long-term indicators and the Global Action Plan.

At the September 2015 IAPB Board of Trustees meeting in Beijing, China the group was established and held it’s first meeting.

The GIWG is an ad hoc group of IAPB members actively working on global indicators across the sector. Underpinning the work of the group is the need to foster partnerships and collaborate across the sector to effectively measure the impact of our combined work.

The work group serves as a platform for collaboration and advocacy and will undertake activities including the collation, development, maintenance and establishment of an agreed set of common and shared long term outcome indicators that enable reporting on the impact the sector is having to end avoidable blindness. Furthermore the GIWG will act as a forum for information exchange, learning and debate regarding long term indicators, shared data sets and impact reporting for the whole sector.

Further details on the structure of the chair, group membership and accountability can be found in the available Terms of Reference

Membership of the group is open to all IAPB members who are actively engaged in long term indicators.

To get in touch with the group please email us.

Upcoming meetings: The GIWG will progress work to collect, collate and discuss existing outcome indicators being used by the sector in the months leading up to the World Ophthalmology Congress 2016 in Mexico where the next face to face meeting will be held to determine the extent to which agreement can be reached on this work forward. Key contact person for information on this upcoming meeting is Beatrice Varga


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