Top 10 Opportunities and Challenges of the School Eye Health Working Group

Top 10 Opportunities and Challenges of the School Eye Health Work Group – as described by Hasan Minto, Director of Programmes, Brien Holden Vision Institute and Global Programme Director Our Children’s Vision Campaign:

1.    Children in the poorest and most remote areas have the least access to eye care

2.    Current efforts to address child eye health fall far short of the needs.

3.    ‘Education for All’, in its fullest context, remains far from a practical reality or a priority

4.    Children are going to face increased visual impairment as near vision activities dominate our lifestyle –with less time spent outdoors inducing myopia in many.

5.    Eye care is now fashioned against a backdrop of universal health coverage; access and school eye health need to be developed in that context

6.    Standardised approach to provision of care in a school setting

7.    Significant evidence gaps in the knowledge ranging from prevalence to compliance studies

8.    Joint advocacy with government and the supra governmental sector for integration of eye health into school health and allocation of resources

9.    Scale up school health services in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and World Health Organizations’ Global Action Plan for eye health.

10. Multi-sectoral collaboration – to achieve more

Interested? Download a presentation to make the case for comprehensive school eye health guidelines. Or download the document.