World Sight Day 2012

World Sight Day 2012 (WSD12) falls on official, global date of the second Thursday in October, which is 11 October 2012 this year. It will be marked by organisations and institutions around the world, in many different ways, on or around that date.

An estimated 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired, and yet preventable causes are as high as 80% of the global visual impairment burden. 90% of blind people live in developing countries, and this needless waste costs individuals, families and communities billions of dollars every year.

There is no global theme for WSD12, which we hope will allow each participating organisation to use the occasion to highlight its own priority areas, in ways which will resonate with their own target audiences.
In 2011, a new global logo was developed for World Sight Day, based on the Braille symbols which spell “WSD”. Versions have been developed in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. These logos have been updated for WSD 2012, and will be used every year to build recall and familiarity with World Sight Day and the activities around the event.

You can access WSD 2012 promotional material and supporting documents below.

A number of organisations have now sent in their reports and they can be viewed in the activities report below. If your event is missing from this list, please do email it to us so that all the hundreds of events around WSD12 can come together in one place!