WSD13 Promotional Material

IAPB encourages members and supporting organisations to download World Sight Day 2013 promotional material from this page.

The WSD13 report: Towards Universal Eye Health” can be downloaded here. It sets out what universal eye health should mean in practice, taking into account key components of the Global Action Plan, and gives an overview of the situation of eye health globally and regionally, with examples of countries striving towards universal eye health.

Saudi Arabian organisations would need to write to the Saudi National Prevention of Blindness Committee (NPBC) for permission to use the WSD13 logo and to also access the Arabic version of the WSD13 logo. WSD13 Arabic logo

This year, we include:

  • A2-size poster
  • several Web banners
  • a Word document template
  • Balloon design
  • WSD13 Ribbon (Blindfold) design

Download WSD13 material here:

ALL TEMPLATES (Except poster, see below)

WSD13 Poster (A2)

WSD13 Poster

WSD13 Ribbon (Blindfold) design

WSD13 Header and Footer (Word)

WSD13Word Header

WSD13 Word footer

Web Banners

WSD13 Leaderboard

WSD13 leaderboard

WSD13 MPU Board
WSD13 MPU banner
WSD13 Skycraper
WSD13 Skyscraper