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World Sight Day—the most important advocacy and communications day in the eye health calendar—is on 10 October 2019. When was the last time you got an eye exam? Your family, friends and colleagues? This World Sight Day, let’s pledge to take an eye exam—and encourage others to do the same! We have the data and evidence. We also have projections into the future–an ageing world population, myopia and diabetic retinopathy are set to increase vision impairment in the coming decades.

Cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, AMD, ROP—eye care issues impact every age group and their well-being. What’s the first thing you can do? Plan for an eye examination. Look around in your family, especially for those who are vulnerable: young, school-going children, the elderly, those with diabetes.

Download the WSD19 Activities Report to see how the world marked World Sight Day in 2019!

World Sight Day 2019 was on 10 October 2019. This year’s call to action:

Vision First!

More than a billion people cannot see well, because they don’t have access to glasses. Over 3 out of 4 of the world’s vision impaired are avoidably so. What can be done to arrest this unconscionable fact? First, arm yourself with your country’s prevalence data and Eye Health system information–the number of trained eye health personnel, your country’s plans to tackle blindness.

This World Sight Day, let’s find the solutions to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to sight. Let’s pledge to make Vision First!

WSD19 Activities Report

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Download the World Sight Day 2019 Activities Report where we record over 200 member events from 48 countries. These include awareness events, seminars, launches, donation drives, rallies and online events.

Read the report here

Eye Inspire

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This year, listen to some of the best minds in eye care talk about the research and key scientific achievements that made their name—and get inspired.

Eye Inspire microsite:

IAPB Photo Competition

This year too, IAPB and Bayer are encouraging amateur and professional photographers from around the world to take part in an International Photography Competition with theme, ‘Vision First!’. Send us your pictures with the theme #VisionFirst by 10th October 2019.

Photo competition microsite:


Key decision makers, policymakers, government officials, patients, partners/donors and the wider health community (referral networks like diabetes groups, for example) can be invited to participate in our WSD celebrations. Remind them about what they can do to address vision issues in the community, and make them take a public commitment on World Sight Day! Better still, recognise (small or large) acts of support from these stakeholders and celebrate them on World Sight Day. More than 70 WHO Member States now observe and promote World Sight Day (with WHO support) through the provision of critical evidence, strategic communications and infographics.

Send your World Sight Day 2019 event details and photographs to to have it included in the World Sight Day 2019 Activities Report.

See the WSD 2019 Activities Report here.

Areas of Focus

Irrespective of your area of focus this World Sight Day – cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, eye care management – ‘Vision First!’ works. You can use it to reach out to new groups within your work-area, or to highlight support or funding that has helped you deliver quality eye care services.

Social Media

IAPB is focusing all efforts on promoting the hashtag #VisionFirst this year. It will also be used to promote and tag the photo competition entries (see above). We invite you to join us in promoting this hashtag in the run-up to World Sight Day. Do add your messages and information along with the hashtag. Need help? Let us know.

WSD Promotional material

Like every year, IAPB has a great pack of promotional material that can be used as part of your WSD campaign. We will be producing posters, ribbons, balloons and an implementation pack in colourful and interesting designs.

For media queries, please write to

Photo credit: Children of Cataract: Baraka’s Story submitted by Julia Gunther for the #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition

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