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  • 1.2 Billion people need #glasses to see better.
  • More than 75% of visual impairment is avoidable. Share a photo and help get the word out: #HopeInSight #WSD2020 #WorldSightDay @IAPB1
  • Join the #HopeInSight photo competition – what can we do to end Avoidable #Blindness? #WSD2020
  • Over 146m people are living with #DiabeticRetinopathy. #COVID19 has made access to care a lot harder – send us photos that lets the world know the issues and solutions. #HopeInSight
  • ‘HopeInSight’ photo competition – a picture is better than 280 characters! Send your photo: [link] #HopeInSight @IAPB1
  • Do your photos capture COVID-19’s impact? We’ll showcase all COVID-19 photos in a special album this time in our competition. #HopeInSight
  • I believe universal eye health is possible. This eye exam is the 1st step towards it. #HopeInSight #WorldSightDay
  • #Cataract & #VisualImpairment are # 1 causes of sight loss today. In 10 years? #Diabetes #WSD2020
  • Good #Eyecare begins at the workplace! [link] #HopeInSight
  • #GuideDogs can make a big difference – eye health includes assistance #HopeInSight
  • Can you see this tweet without glasses? 1 billion others can’t, either. #HopeInSight
  • Let’s work together to eliminate avoidable blindness #HopeInSight @IAPB1 [link]


  • IAPB [and partner] are running a Photo competition with the theme #HopeInSight. I believe that universal eye health is an important health goal and it can be achieved with our collective support. Here’s my submission – you can find out more about the competition here [link]
  • My staff and colleagues held a group zoom call to highlight the importance of eye care. My picture will go into the #HopeInSight Photo Competition by IAPB #WSD2020
  • Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive Errors, Diabetic Retinopathy. This year has added a new priority to eye health’s list: #COVID19. Photos can tell a thousand stories – send your stories to us. #WSD2020 #HopeInSight
  • Those with irreversible blindness can continue to lead a full life – Eye health is not just about avoidable blindness. I’m sending a photo to showcase Guide Dogs [or assistive devices] can impact lives #HopeInSight #WSD2020
  • Do like and share my submission to the #HopeInSight Photo Competition! Organised by IAPB [and partner], the photo competition underscores the fact that eye health should be accessible to all! [link]

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