WSD 2007

WSD07 – VISION for Children

World Sight Day 2007 (WSD07) focuses on Blindness and Childhood. The headline VISION for children encompasses the work of a wide range of VISION 2020 member organisations, as it impacts on the lives of children in various ways.

Member organisations are encouraged to append their own specific message to this headline. Examples might include:

  • “Our VISION for children is to grow up with healthy eyes”
  • “Our VISION for children is for every child to be able to go to school”
  • “Our VISION for children is that their grandparents can watch them grow”

This year’s materials include:

  • The World Sight Day 2007 Report, which highlights an international selection of VISION 2020 programmes addressing blindness in children
  • A booklet of personal case studies, describing VISION 2020 interventions which have had a positive impact on the lives of individual children
  • World Sight Day 2007 posters
  • Colourful bookmarks
  • Printed balloons