Course 11: What’s New in Primary Eye Care?

Over the last few years there has been a growing awareness amongst health planners in Africa and elsewhere that the revitalization of the primary health care agenda is vital to achieve both the Millenium Development Goald and national health targets. This awareness has been reflected in a number of top level calls to action including the World Health Report 2003 and ‘Now More Than Ever’ in 2008, in addition to a new emphasis on health system strengthening and the work of the Global Health Workforce Alliance. Following the WHO call for a revitalized primary health care system, the WHO in 2009, affirmed the essential role of primary health care and community-based interventions to prevent vision impairment. However to establish effective primary eye care systems a number of challenges have to be overcome and this has been the attention of the IAPB Primary Eye Care Work Group in recent months.

This course shared current concepts and some recommendations on how to establish effective primary eye care systems.

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