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Impact and Economics

Good vision unlocks human potential.

Eye health is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Good health and well-being: SDG3

Good vision improves health and well being

Vision loss can render everyday functioning difficult, increase the risk of injury and accidents and result in social isolation. Vision loss increases depression, health care costs and mortality.


  • 36% increased risk of mortality: more severe vision loss is significantly associated with an increased risk of mortality (Zhang et al., 2016).
  • 33% increased risk of depression: older adults in the United States with self-reported vision loss were more likely to report depression (Frank et al., 2019).

Quality education: SDG4

Good vision improves education opportunities

Investing in eye health services improves educational attainment and increases participation in education.


  • Half a semester of learning gained:  giving a child a pair of properly prescribed glasses can provide academic gains equivalent to half a semester of additional learning (Ma et al., 2014).

Decent work: SDG8

Good vision increases workforce participation

Good vision increases workforce participation and productivity, and provides greater economic opportunities for individuals and communities.


  • 20% increase in relative productivity: Provision of glasses for near vision impairment can result in a substantial increase in productivity and income (Reddy et al., 2018).

Economic growth: SDG8

Good vision improves economic opportunities

Removing the difficulties faced by individuals with vision loss can increase economic opportunities and reduce economic burden.


  • 36% to 88% increase in household per capita expenditure: Cataract surgery can contribute to poverty alleviation, particularly among vulnerable members of society (Kuper et al., 2010).
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Good health and well-being: Gioconda Armas, Clínica Oftalmológica de la Selva, Quality education: Operation Eyesight Universal, Decent work: Dimple Pancholi, Economic growth: Mansour Mohsen