Lamia El Fekih

Nadi Al Bassar congratulates Prof. El Fekih on her devotion to develop eye health human resources in West Africa

Professor Lamia El Fekih is an active member of Nadi Al Bassar and is responsible for our educational programme, including running exchange programmes for medical conferences and hands-on training workshops. As the head of Nadi Al Bassar’s volunteer programme in West Africa (Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissaou, Djibuti, Tchad, Benin), she is responsible for services delivery (cataract surgery) and building capacity (training and lectures programmes) for that region. Prof. Lamia El Fekih is a strong personality who is respected and loved by all her colleagues.

Her expertise is built on many years of experience in human resources development for Tunisian residents and ophthalmologists and she has devoted herself to voluntary work in Africa where many have benefited from her work. She is an excellent lecturer and a strong champion for eliminating avoidable blindness in the region – all hallmarks of an Eye Health Leader.