Dr Qing Lu

Eye Health Hero: Dr Qing Lu

With great pleasure He Eye Care System (HECS) is proud to nominate Dr. Qing Lu, MD, MSc, Management Director in HECS, China, as HECS’s Eye Health Hero.

HECS, an IAPB member since 2006, is a key institution in prevention of blindness activities in China. Its model, based on integrating medical eye care with education and training, prevention, research and eye industry development, has been proven to be a very effective solution to tackle eye problems in China in a sustainable and affordable way.


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Dr Lu started working in HECS for the prevention of blindness in China in 2007. He has served not only as an ophthalmologist but also as a Management Director for formulating Prevention of Blindness strategies in the region and a professor for training grass-roots doctors and college medical students.

Due to Dr. Lu’s hard work, an increasing number of low vision patients are now able to access appropriate treatments in the northeast region of China. He supervises the first Outreach Department in China where free eye screenings are conducted in urban and rural areas. He is also the person who introduced the non-mydriatic fundus camera, a specialized low power microscope with an attached camera designed for creating photographs of the interior surface of the eye, into Liaoning province for tele-consultation and outreach eye screening activities.

Dr. Qing Lu’s vision and passion for formulating prevention of blindness plans plays an indispensable role in HECS and even the entire China. Under his supervision, three low vision clinics have been established in Shenyang, Dalian and Huludao city, and the fourth is under construction. Six more low vision clinics are planned to be established in the next 3-5 years with Dr. Lu’s engagement.

Dr. Lu is also a dedicated teacher passionate in passing his knowledge and experience to other medical practitioners. He has formulated a comprehensive course integrated with theory, clinical practice and screening experience for training grass-roots doctors, and 4,000 medical staff have been trained by Dr. Lu himself and his co-workers. Besides training existing medical staff, Dr. Lu is also a college professor training potential ophthalmologists and optometrists. He has taught 10 postgraduate students in Dalian Medical University and more than 300 graduate students in He’s University.

Due to Dr. Lu’s years of hard work, Shenyang He Eye Hospital became the Liaoning Provincial Training Center for Grass-roots Doctors. In 2011 he was named an Outstanding Employee of He Eye Care System among more than 1,000 candidates.

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