Dr. César Juan de Dios GONZALES Tasayco

Dr. Cesar Gonzales

Medical Director 
Clinica Divino Niño Jesus Eye Hospital, Lima, Peru 

Nominated by International Eye Foundation

I am so proud to be an ophthalmologist because it gives me the chance to bring sight back to so many fellow Peruvians, especially the poor. I have learned a lot over the years from my association with many national and international organizations, and I am very passionate about what I do and believe in sharing this learning and knowledge with others to improve the lives of many more.– Dr Cesar Gonzales

About Dr Cesar Gonzales

Dr. Cesar Gonzales has spent the last 16 years as an ophthalmologist and strategic eye health planner working to eradicate cataract blindness in low-income patients in Peru. Born in the Province of Chincha, Ica, Peru, Dr. Gonzales became an ophthalmologist in 2000, then studied Health Service Management and Project Management at ESAN University in Lima, the first Graduate School of Business in Latin America. 

Dr. Gonzales with a smiling patient

In 2008, Dr. Gonzales joined Clinica Divino Niño Jesus (DNJ) Eye Hospital. With his team including Ing. Alberto LAZO Legua, DNJ’s Administrative Director, Dr. Gonzales has overseen tremendous growth in services, numbers of patients examined and operated, and the building of sub-specialty ophthalmic services. Proud of DNJ’s high volume, quality cataract surgical service, ophthalmology residents from the university in Lima now rotate through DNJ to strengthen their cataract surgical skills. In 2006, Dr. Gonzales was instrumental in the creation of the first National Plan for the Prevention of Blindness in Peru. From 2010-2013, he was an advisory member of the Strategy for Eye Health for Peru’s Ministry of Health. In 2014, he was appointed expert in eye health to make recommendations on the application of the Strategy for Eye Health. Today, he is an active member of Peru’s National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness and is a mentor to help improve the management of eye hospitals throughout Latin America.

IEF began supporting a sustainability plan and building capacity at DNJ in 2009 and has witnessed DNJ’s tremendous growth and leadership in the region. By 2013, DNJ had become a national player in Peru collaborating with the Clinton Foundation’s cataract surgery program and with VISION2020/Latin America, and providing technical assistance to four CBM/LA supported hospitals. DNJ coordinates workshops and courses, and is a technical resource for MOH ophthalmic training programs. Regionally, DNJ lead the RAAB study, participated in an international cataract outcomes study, and organizes workshops for IEF, MOH, CBM/LA, and VISION2020/LA. DNJ has joined the Global Sight Initiative working with other mentor hospitals around the world Dr. Cesar Gonzales performing surgery.

In the last 5 years, Dr. Gonzales and his team have focused their activities on blindness prevention in the Peruvian Amazon having built a new satellite eye hospital in Iquitos opening July 2016.