Kashinath Bhoosnurmath

From urban slum projects to international programs – Operation Eyesight Universal celebrates the leadership and business acumen of Mr. Bhoosnurmath

Kashinath Bhoosnurmath came to Operation Eyesight almost four years ago, bringing with him a great degree of skill and experience in the INGO community development world. He has utilized those skills and expertise to Operation Eyesight’s advantage. Kashinath works tirelessly with his team in India to build the capacity of our program service delivery partners to meet WHO standards for quality services, service outcomes and facility outcomes. He and his team have helped support our partners to upgrade their professional skills by providing training directly to staff on a variety of eye health and health management systems.

He and his team have worked with Operation Eyesight’s urban slum projects to modify ways of working and to engage other service providers working in the slums to work more comprehensively. The result has enabled the projects to become their own community-based organizations that promote and screen for primary eye care, while also promoting, supporting and educating around many other primary health care needs and community economic development opportunities. Each project has one of Operation Eyesight’s local eye hospital partners affiliated with it, making it the provider of the eye health surgeries and other clinical interventions that are needed after screening.

Operation Eyesight’s model of engaging community and services comprehensively has been called the Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Program (HBCEHP) in India. It is a model that we are promoting with our community partners and our hospital partners, not only as a means to enhance their current service provision but also to accelerate their achievement of clinical surgical targets. The model can also enhance the partners’ ability to increase earned revenue, which will move them to financial sustainability more quickly. Kashinath has refined and assisted in the complete articulation of this model, which we are now sharing further than just Operation Eyesight’s direct partners.

Kashinath is the current Treasurer of VISION 2020 India, and provides strong governance support to the Board as well as support for other member organizations of VISION 2020 India to build their capacities to achieve the Millennium Development Goals set for their catchment areas. He has presented the HBCEHP model of service delivery to the VISION 2020 Executive and they have endorsed it as a best practice for other member organizations to adopt. Kashinath has followed up on this endorsement by creating Non-Financial Technical Partnerships with a number of eye hospitals that do not receive funds from Operation Eyesight, but instead receive technical support to prepare for, set-up and implement an HBCEHP at their sites. The Operation Eyesight India team, led by Kashinath, supports this technical training and then provides follow-up monitoring and evaluation.

Kashinath’s leadership and business acumen have not gone unnoticed from Operation Eyesight’s head office in Canada. Earlier this summer, the organization embarked on a transition plan that will have Kashinath assuming the responsibilities of the Vice President, International Programs in the newly-created role Senior Director, International Programs. Kashinath will be the primary contact for Operation Eyesight’s International programs and program management. Working with Executive Director Brian Foster and rest of the Leadership Team in Canada and Dr. Boateng Wiafe in Africa, Operation Eyesight is excited to have Kashinath leading this integral part of our work.

Kashinath has brought many exceptional skills to his current role with our organization, and we look forward to his being able to apply these skills more broadly in all of our work, ensuring quality services are achieved through thoughtful planning that includes quality monitoring and evaluation practices.

Kashinath has been and continues to be a key contributor to Operation Eyesight’s mission to eradicate avoidable blindness, and to promote our founder’s original intent: “To provide the best for the poorest.” He is highly deserving of being celebrated as an Eye Health Leader.