Nasir Saeed

The Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology celebrates the efforts of Dr. Saeed in leading the institute into a brighter future

Nasir Saeed is a Professor of Ophthalmology. He was appointed at the helm of the Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology (PICO) when Prof Mohammad Daud Khan retired from the government service.

At the time PICO was in troubled waters and, in spite of its glorious past, was almost going to be closed down by the Government. Dr. Saeed fought for the existence of PICO and not only he succeeded in ensuring PICO's survival, but also managed to make it flourish as a newly established body independent from government.

Dr. Saeed worked hard to ensure PICO's long term financial sustainability, securing regular public funding. Thanks to all his efforts PICO now has the responsibility for planning, monitoring and evaluating all eye care work in the whole of the province of Khyber Paktunkhwa (KPK) and is in the implementation phase of its new 5-Years strategic plan of Prevention and Control of Blindness in KPK.

Once again, under the leadership of Dr. Nasir Saeed, the Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology can play its instrumental role for the prevention of avoidable blindness in Pakistan.