Rohit Khanna

LV Prasad Eye Institute highlights the many remarkable talents of Dr. Khanna and the impact his leadership is having on eye health

Dr. Rohit Khanna is combination of an excellent ophthalmologist and public health specialist educated at ICEH and later at John Hopkins. What makes him special is his ability to understand and solve clinical issues for an individual patient while at the same time addressing larger public health issues through research.

He is a very talented epidemiologist and is running some very important studies currently, most prominent being a longitudinal study through Andhra Pradesh Eye Disease Study III that will give information on incidence of eye problems that is lacking in most parts of the world. In addition, he heads an active education programme covering a Masters in Community Eye Health and a diploma in addition to multitude of other programs for other cadres of eye health professionals. However, what sets him apart is in implementation – implementing rigorously the concept of high quality, comprehensive eye care through a network of integrated community, primary and secondary eye care all linked to tertiary centres covering over 10 million people in about 1500 -2000 villages, located in remote and tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

This pyramidal network of over 100 centres is first of its kind in the world and Rohit is providing the leadership to its unique network. Innovative programs to address Refractive Errors, Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Childhood Blindness, Low Vision and CBR form the gamut of activities.

This is one of the few networks that is a true practitioner of “Comprehensive Eye Care” – prevention, treatment and rehabilitation at all levels. The difference his leadership is making is immense to million directly and hundreds of millions indirectly and I cannot think of anyone doing more in the area of eye health anywhere.