Zahida Ispahani

Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute celebrates the dedication and perseverance of Mrs. Ispahani, 'unofficial leader' of the Bangladeshi eye hospital

Mrs. Ispahani is a truly extraordinary eye health leader. Without a background in leadership or ophthalmology or hospital management, she came to Islamia as a volunteer and took on the role of unofficial leader of a hospital struggling with conflict.

Over the following ten years she succeeded in bringing about internal stability and economic viability. Her strong yet compassionate leadership has moved the largest and oldest eye hospital in Bangladesh to new heights. Yet, she remains a volunteer without an official position except ‘Advisor’.

During the time she has been with the hospital, outpatient visits and surgeries have each increased over 5 times, while revenues are now 10 times what they were when she became the unofficial leader. Her dedication and perseverance needs to be recognized as she often hides in the background. Without her, the hospital would not be even close to where it is today. In fact, it might not have continued on at all.