Zhao Ming

He Eye Care System hails the exemplary work of Zhao Ming as an all-round assistant, coordinator and manager

It is with great pleasure that I name Zhao Ming (Grace) as He Eye Care System's Eye Health Leader. I am the founder and president of He Eye Care System (HECS), and the Co-chair of IAPB Western Pacific Region since April 2008. Grace has been under my supervision from 1996 as my assistant.

Grace is a great asset to He Eye Care System. She has a great drive and passion for her work, and did a terrific job communicating with eye care partners and clients, becoming the key person for many of our projects. Over the decade she worked with me, I have noticed a number of signs that she has a high leadership potential:

She is a strong communicator. She often attends eye care conferences worldwide and gives excellent speeches on the performance and achievements of blindness prevention in China. She also worked as a coordinator for some regional eye care activities, for example in her role of convening and coordinating the Joint Meeting of Chinese-Japanese-Korean Ophthalmologists in China. The event was hailed as the most successful and well-prepared international conference that we ever had before. Moreover, she acted as translator between the local patients/doctor trainees and western doctor trainers for all our international diagnosis and projects.

With an MBA degree, Grace has also received numerous professional trainings from the world’s leading eye care institutions. She was the first candidate to be selected by He Eye Care System to go to Aravind Eye Care System, L V Prasad Eye Institute, and the International Center for Eye Health. In those trips and academic seminar activities, Grace acquired a detailed understanding of mechanisms, management and cultures of succesful eye care institutions. After every trip, Grace always put her best effort into feeding back ideas and knowledge to all staff of He Eye Care System, helping building the capacity of our group, and, consequently, the experience of patients.

Since 2004, Grace has been playing a key role in managing our eye care projects with well-known international NGOs as well as with the Chinese government partners. She supports the team with training, particularly on monitoring performance, to ensure a focus on quality in projects management. In 2009, she was instrumental in setting up the first He Eye medical team volunteering abroad. The team has since visited North Korea, Yemen Kenya and Uganda, providing the free examinations, treatments and training to local staff. 

In June 2012, He Eye Care System was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health to be the first National Training Center for Prevention of Blindness in China – once again, Grace stepped up to become the key person in developing the center and organizing the programs that will ultimately benefit eye care personnel in China and the world.

For all these reasons, Grace has been nothing short of an exemplary employee in the eye care service and deserve to be named as part of the next generation of Eye Health Leaders.