10GA Courses

With 40 courses featuring over 200 speakers, the 10GA nearly doubled the number of sessions from 9GA in 2012. You should be able to access some of the PowerPoint presentations from the links below.

Please note, copyright and all information contained in the presentations remains with and is the responsibility of the author, not IAPB. If you use any of the presentations, please make sure to quote the author.

Day 1

Course 1: Latest research updates in Trachoma control 

Course 2: Onchocerciasis: lessons for and from the end-game 

Course 3: Diabetic Retinopathy: evidence-based clinical and public health care, Pt 1 

Course 4: How to eat an elephant: human resources for eye health in Africa 

Course 5: Free Papers 1

Course 6: Myopia: an alarming public health issue 

Course 7: Signs of Trachoma and surgical treatment for Trichiasis 

Course 8: Implementation of the GAP 2014-19 in the African region – the WHO planning tools 

Course 9: Improving eye care service delivery

Course 10: Rapid Fire 1

Course 11: Developing a high-quality Glaucoma service in Africa 

Course 12: Diabetic Retinopathy: a global disease in local communities, Pt 2 

Course 13: Integrating eye health into school health programmes

Course 14: Eye care needs in emergencies 

Course 15: Free Papers 2

Day 2

Course 16: Building from the bottom up: primary eye care and GAP 

Course 17: Child eye health: we do what it takes!

Course 18: Optometric clinical practice 

Course 19: Global perspectives on workforce challenges to meet VISION 2020 goals

Course 20: Free Papers 3

Course 21: Glaucoma clinical care

Course 22: Inclusive eye health 

Course 23: Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) 

Course 24: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and eye health 

Course 25: Rapid Fire 2

Course 26: How do I scale up my Cataract surgical programme? 

Course 27: Uncorrected refractive errors

Course 28: Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Course 29: Health financing and universal eye health 

Course 30: Free Papers 4

Day 3

Course 31: Low vision: programme challenges 

Course 32: Quality in Cataract surgical training and service

Course 33: Global Burden of Disease: new data 

Course 34: Innovation in eye care

Course 35: Free Papers 5

Course 36: Retinopathy of Prematurity: the third epidemic 

Course 37: Ocular therapeutics

Course 38: Equity and eye health 

Course 39: Universal eye health: a Global Action Plan 

Course 40: Rapid Fire 3