9GA Presentations

The 9th General Assembly provided a global showcase for the progress, innovation and achievements of IAPB members and key stakeholders in the eye care world.

With a mix of courses, symposia, lectures, satellite sessions, free papers and rapid fires the programme enabled discussions on current key challenges, identified emerging priorities and celebrated hard-won successes in blindness prevention. The programme helped broaden avenues for wider participation of ‘neglected’ aspects of eye care, like gender and the rights of those with irrecoverable vision loss.

In a survey conducted after the Assembly, 95% of the respondents asserted the relevance of the programme to them – each highlighting the learning and knowledge they picked up from the diverse sessions.

The links below will help you access presentations (PowerPoint) made during the 4 days of the Assembly. To help you navigate them, you can browse through the 9GA Programme Booklet, available for download at the link below.

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