Hyderabad Declaration

The ‘Hyderabad Declaration on Promoting Eye Health and Eliminating Avoidable Blindness and Visual Impairment’ was signed by the IAPB President and endorsed by acclamation by the 1600 assembly delegates at the Closing Ceremony of the 9th General Assembly (9GA) on the 20th of September 2012.

Supporting the 9GA's theme – "Eye Health: Everyone's Business" – the Declaration calls on international organisations, regional entities, governments, civil society and the private sector to work together to ensure that blindness and visual impairment are adequately and comprehensively addressed within an inclusive international development framework and as part of primary health care and health systems.

The declaration is a rallying call that spells out key issues in eye health and proposes clear strategies to address them. It will shape future discussions on eye health and is a key outcome from the Assembly. 

Signing the Declaration, the IAPB President, Mr Bob McMullan, commented, “Eye health affects every individual and the economy of every country. Avoidable blindness and vision impairment is a massive problem, but it’s a problem that we can do something about through cost effective solutions. 9GA was about Action – developing programmes of action that make eye health a priority area in the national health agenda of every country, particularly developing countries. The Hyderabad Declaration plays an important role in advocating the importance of eye health around the world”.

Read the declaration below (PDF and Word):