IAPB Logo and Lockup files

IAPB has re-designed its IAPB/VISION 2020 logo lockup, to better delineate its brand positions. On this page you will be able to download the various logo files, including Word and Excel templates for the regions. Key things you need to keep in mind are: there is no change to the IAPB logo (or the VISION 2020 logo). You can continue to use them as is. The IAPB logo now has a secondary treatment – a strip – to help us include relevant text along with it. For example, we now have a clear style for mentioning the regions or the Standard List. 

The hierarchy of logos and branding is as follows:

  1. IAPB logo
  2. IAPB logo with Strip element
  3. IAPB and VISION 2020 lockup
  4. VISION 2020 logo

IAPB logo variations

The list of options available are:

  • IAPB logo guidelines (PDF)
  • IAPB logo
  • IAPB logo with strip element
  • IAPB logo for Standard List
  • VISION 2020 logo
  • IAPB and VISION 2020 lockup
  • Lockup for the regions

Please download the IAPB logo and related files from the blocks below. Please write to tejahb@iapb.org for more information, or for any clarifications.