About IAPB Membership

About IAPB Membership

  • 3% - Patrons

  • 9% - Group A Members

  • 5% - Group B Members

  • 83% - Group C Members

IAPB is an alliance of over 150 members and membership bodies. Members include; NGOs, charitable eye hospitals, universities, research centres and training institutions from all over the world. Since 1975 we have been striving towards our vision of a world in which everyone has access to the best possible standard of eye health; where no one is needlessly visually impaired; and where those with irreparable vision loss achieve their full potential.

IAPB’s mission is to achieve universal access to eye health through collaborating with our members to maximise eye health care coverage at global and country level as well as promoting knowledge and awareness of the eye health sector.

IAPB Membership Values

The IAPB alliance is committed to delivering eye health for all, everywhere. What values, ethics or precepts will guide us towards this lofty goal? What are the values to which eye care organisations joining our alliance should aspire to? Read more.

Key areas of IAPB’s work