Eye Health Hero: Dr Sadik Taju Sherief

Dr Sadik Taju Sherief

HCP began working with Dr. Sadik Taju in 2012 when he assumed a joint position at Ayder Hospital and Quiha Zonal Hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia. A year later, Dr. Sadik organised a month-long outreach programme at Quiha Zonal Hospital, where he and his team performed over 2,000 surgeries in just four weeks. In January of 2015, Dr. Sadik started a full year-long surgical fellowship in pediatrics at the Sick Kids Children’s Hospital Toronto, Canada. After successful completion of the programme, Dr. Sadik was recognized as the first pediatric ophthalmologist in Ethiopia with a full surgical fellowship. He is now Head of Ophthalmology at Menelik II Referral Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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In September of 2016, Dr. Sadik began leading the HCP project: Improving Pediatric Eye Health in Ethiopia – supported by a grant through the USAID Child Blindness Programme. The continued aim of this project is to build the capacity of Menelik II’s pediatric ophthalmology staff in order to ensure both the provision of high quality care as well as essential personnel capable of training the next generation of pediatric ophthalmologists in Ethiopia. Additionally, Dr. Sadik’s dedication to his country and the strengthening of Ethiopia’s eye care system is unwavering – making noticeable strides and lasting impact on the future of eye care there.


Nominating Organisation: Himalayan Cataract Project

“During my fellowship in Toronto, I realized the value of individual’s contribution for best eye care service through investing on training, research and eye care system. Through my reading and conversations with my esteemed mentors at the University of Toronto, I learnt that it wasn’t that long ago that Canada also suffered from lack of eye care systems. So I can see a future for Ethiopia in my lifetime where this is possible – better care for child eye health in this country.  It is why I came back to Ethiopia, because I knew my country and its children needed me. With partners support like HCP, we are one step closer.”