CoM 2018: Presentations

Day 1

Early Bird & Breakfast Sessions: 1. Introduction to IAPB Membership
Membership 101, Emma Foote [PPTX, 5.6 MB]
Workgroups, Suzanne Gilbert [PPTX, 68 KB]

Plenary 1 Address from Dr Alarcos Cieza, Coordinator Disability & Rehabilitation, WHO and Peter Holland, CEO IAPB
WHO Report on World Vision, Alarcos Cieza [PPTX, 1.2 MB]
Watch Dr Alarcos Cieza’s presentation on Youtube

1.2 WHO Patient Safety and Treatment Outcomes: Where are we?
Impact of Patient safety Policies – SNEC Perspective, Ranjana Mathur [PDF, 14 MB]

1.3 Connect and Build: Creating and Maintaining Successful Partnerships
Creating and Maintaining Successful Partnerships, Gillian Gibbs [PPTX, 18 MB]

Lunch Session: Rohingya Refugees Situational Analysis
Lunch Briefing Situational Analysis Coxs Bazar Rohingya Refugees, Jerry Vincent with Yuddha Sapkota [PPTX, 6.5 MB]

Lunch Session: USAid Child Blindness
USAID Child Blindness, John M. Barrows [PPTX, 8.5 MB]

2.1 Emerging Technologies in Eye Care – Doorstep to Boardroom
Technologies assisting Human Resources, Dhivya Ramasamy [PPTX, 7.5 MB]

2.2 Training: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Training, Suzanne Gilbert [PPTX, 11 MB]

2.3 Development of a Gender Responsive Toolkit for IAPB Members
Reflections from the field, Elizabeth Kishiki [PPTX, 4.5 MB]

Day 2

Early Bird & Breakfast Sessions: Working with Lions Breakfast
Working with Lions Breakfast, Emily Johnson [PPTX, 26 MB]

Plenary 2: Diabetic Retinopathy in India, The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust
Opening Eyes, DR Bangladesh [MP4, 97 MB] or watch the video on YouTube –
Diabetic Retinopathy, Brandon Ah Tong [PPTX, 1.7 MB]

3.1 Standard Guidelines for School Eye Health Programs in the Middle and Low-Income Countries
Standard Guidelines for School Eye Health, Clare Gilbert [PPTX, 35 MB]

3.2 Principles and Practices of Inclusive Programming for Eye Health
Principles and Practices of Inclusive Programming, (all speakers) [PPTX, 4.5 MB]

3.3 Sustainability: Practices today for tomorrow
Sustainability, Heidi Chase [PPTX, 26 MB]
Sustainability Output from group work in session [PPTX, 319 KB]

4.1 Ensuring Access to Eye Health: Primary Eye Health Care Strategies and Success Stories
Universal Eye Health Delivery in Africa, Aaron Magava [PDF, 9.8 MB]
Ensuring Access to Eye Care, Josie Noah [PPTX, 11 MB]

4.2 Low Vision Care: What can be done to improve the outcomes?
Low Vision, Jill Keeffe [PPT, 1.6 MB]

4.3 Partnership & Collaboration: IAPB/Rotary Service Partnership – How it works!
Partnership & Collaboration, Victoria Sheffield [PPTX, 504 KB]
Organising the partnership and joint funding, John M. Barrows [PPTX, 623 KB]
TRF Grants, Programs, Manjit Sawhney [PPTX, 9.2 MB]
Implementing the IEF/Rotary Pilot Project on the ground, Raheen Rahmathullah [PPTX, 1.1 MB]

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