Situation in Brief

Eye care is provided by two eye doctors and ophthalmic nurses at Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital. On Savaii, routine eye care is provided by ophthalmic nurses. One of the two eye doctors will complete her training by 2015. The Ministry of Health is drafting a national plan with support from IAPB. A New Zealand trained optometrist is also assisting with the provision of eye services. A locally based NGO, Senese, provides support for correction of refractive error and services to assist people with a disability. Non-communicable diseases are a top priority for the Health Ministry.

The WHO estimates that for every case of diabetes, another three remain that are not diagnosed.Samoa, WPR

Country Statistics

Human development index value:0.694
National Prevention of Blindness Committee active:Taskforce established
National Eye Health Plan Developed:Drafting
Cataract surgical rate:1,680 (2009 estimate)
Number of ophthalmologists:1 (plus 1 in training)
Blindness prevalence:0.7% (2009 estimate)
Main causes of blindness:Cataract, diabetic retinopathy
Total expenditure on health as percentage of total government expenditure:13.5
Diabetes prevalence:7.1%
Improved drinking water coverage:99%
Improved sanitation coverage:92%
Endemic areas for trachoma:No. Rapid assessment in 2013 found very low prevalence and confirmed trachoma was not a public health problem.