With some vision centers closed and programming temporarily halted for OneSight, we are working to make sure there are still ways to care for patients in need, while keeping everyone safe, which requires some innovation and help.

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To support families during this pandemic, OneSight has been working on innovative ways to further our mission of helping the world see.  We are excited to introduce the new Online Vision Check.  With the Online Vision Check by OneSight, parents can quickly and easily learn if their kids might need a pair of glasses. Since 80% of learning in school is visual, OneSight knows that when every child can see clearly, they can learn more and gain the confidence it takes to realise their power.

We want to invite you to partner with OneSight to reach every parent in the US with this simple and powerful online tool that will fuel the potential of all our children.  Thanks for your partnership in helping bring clear sight to all.

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