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“We stand in solidarity with our global health colleagues around the world, and applaud the frontline health workers who are working around the clock, including some of our dedicated volunteer faculty members.

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Like so many of our partners in the global eye health community, we at Orbis are facing some significant challenges during this unprecedented time. Amid all, we are keeping our sights on our number-one priority: ensuring the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, partners, and the people we treat and train.

Our commitment to our mission is unwavering as we look for ways to continue our work in the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness in a safe and socially responsible way.

Although hands-on training isn’t possible in many places around the world right now, one bright light in these troubled times is the increased use of technology to connect our communities.  In particular, we’re seeing our telemedicine platform, Cybersight, becoming more important than ever as a remote teaching and mentoring tool.  March 2020 has been a record-breaker for seeing the most new Cybersight users in a single month, from all across the world, and we’ve also seen online course uptake double over the past six weeks. We are proud to play a part in keeping eye care professionals connected and learning through it all.”

Bob Ranck, CEO

“Life changed for me and so many others on 23 January, the day before Chinese New Year, when Wuhan went into lockdown. In typical times, I work as a staff nurse on board Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital, helping to train nurses from around the world on the best practices they should follow in the operating room and during patient recovery. I remember coming home from Ghana in December, following my last Orbis program of 2019. Everything still seemed normal then, but by the end of the month, we started to hear news about people coming down with an unknown source of pneumonia. Of course, we all know now what happened next..”

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Xiao Ying Liu
Staff Nurse of Flying Eye Hospital
Orbis International