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This series of workshops, delivered by leading systems change consultants, Omplexity, will help attendees explore, understand, and implement meaningful systemic change in order to achieve 2030 In Sight. Meet those who have already begun putting the 2030 In Sight strategy into action, including in Bangladesh where partners are addressing eye health as a key to — and the result of — humanity’s global focus on the Sustainable Development agenda.

A National Action Workshop: Ingraining national strategy in collective action

The 2030 In Sight Strategy lays out bold new actions to transform the delivery of eye health across promotion and prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The goal is clear, but it will take a collective effort to achieve. In this workshop, using real examples, participants will explore how to develop collective action through stakeholder dialogue, participatory systems mapping and discuss strategies to instigate change in their own countries. Participants are encouraged to join with colleagues from other organisations operating within the same national context, using this valuable time to discuss stakeholder engagement priorities.

A Regional Action Workshop: Weaving a cross-border Community of Practice to accelerate innovation

Innovation comes in many shapes and forms, from laboratory breakthroughs to everyday people inspiring change. The common thread is that innovation pushes us forward, and that is when progress is made. Participants of this workshop will be inspired to explore innovations required for the systems change needed in eye health — from big, bold ideas and to small, tangible actions. As the beginning of an intentional innovation network, this workshop provides an opportunity for eye health innovators to connect over solutions to some of the sectors most pressing challenges.

A Global Action Workshop: Shaping the IAPB’s Global Action Plan

Many interventions are best addressed at a global level. At this not to be missed workshop, participants will gain an understanding the 2030 In Sight Strategy Global Action, have an opportunity to provide feedback and identify ways their organisation can get involved.

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