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Universal Health Coverage: Rethinking prioritization of eye health data for advocacy to achieve UHC by 2030

Universal Health Coverage: Rethinking prioritization of eye health data for advocacy to achieve UHC by 2030

Date: Friday, 2nd September
Time: 11:00 GMT

This Advocacy to Action event will present the need and the case for initiating dialogues with governments and stakeholders by advocates of eye health to set the 2030InSight strategic plan in action in the region. The discussions will focus on approaches and needs to generate robust data and evidence that helps targeted interventions to increase equity in eyecare services and for its inclusion in UHC. The discussions and activities will explore using evidence and its gaps as policy hooks for advocacy and how the global commitments on eye health, targets and indicators will help supplement the dialogues. The activities will also help advocates understand support tools and resources available for framing effective policy dialogues.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants will gain an understanding of:

  • How to adapt the 2030 In Sight global advocacy framework as a tool for regional and national advocacy
  • Evidence gaps, approaches, and possibilities to help frame national policy dialogues and advocacy asks
  • Advocating for the two global eye care targets on the effective coverage of refractive error and cataract surgery for 2030
  • Building the case for an SDG Indicator on Eye Health; including eye health as part of Sustainable Development Goal.