Learning & Development

In 2011 IAPB’s VISION 2020 workshop programme became the new IAPB Learning and Development programme which encompasses:

  • VISION 2020 workshops – approximately 25 per year, topics are identified by National Eye Health Coordinators (NEC)/National Prevention of Blindness Coordinators (NPBC) in conjunction with the regional IAPB offices.
  • Global strategic workshops – most recently the 2010 workshop to determine global and regional research priorities for VISION 2020. Workshop themes are identified by IAPB members.
  • Inter regional workshops to facilitate learning and collaboration between regions, topics are identified by the regional IAPB offices.
  • Development of materials. In 2011 IAPB published the National Eye Health Coordinator manual, this brought together materials developed for the Capacity Building workshops and is intended as a standalone resource for NECs/NPBCs to support them in their daily work. IAPB is currently producing an Advocacy Guide and Tool Kit which will support IAPB members and their partners to develop their advocacy plans. This will be available from Dec 2012. Go to the document library
  • Video information – this will include promotional and awareness videos such as the launch of new materials, IAPB strategies and policies and key IAPB events, all of which will be made available on the IAPB and VISION 2020 websites. Go to the video library