MDGs Work Group

The Work Group

The work group aims to bring together the voices and harness the combined strengths of the members to work on Post 2015, to promote a new framework that is conducive to improving health and eye health systems (for prevention, promotion, treatment, and rehabilitation), and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, including those with visual impairments.

Post 2015 group members can access the group online pages through the link below. Have your login details ready

Post 2015

Key Messages

To date a small group of IAPB member organisations have collaborated on consultations on Post 2015. Vision Alliance partners IAPB, WBU and ICEVI made a submission to the WHO led health consultation, and on January 11th responded to four of the questions within the HLP online Consultation. The same group has also been working to develop a briefing paper with some key messages taken mainly from these submissions. As the process evolves the briefing may be developed further – so should be considered a work in progress. It is hoped that this briefing will help guide advocacy across member organisations to help improve consistency of messages, for meetings with High Level Panel members, consultations, press and other opportunities.

A major emphasis is on health at the same time re-affirming the “asks” on rights, such as inclusive education, and acknowledging the work of the respective alliances. At this stage it is important to note that the consultations are still at a very general and overarching level. More eye-health related concrete asks may come at a later stage when (a hopefully conducive) overarching goals- and target-setting has been completed. The idea is to use entry points that are likely to give us momentum to include equal access to quality eye health.


It is important that those that sign up to the Work Group become actively involved. In terms of a time commitment we ask for participation from now until the end of the year.  After the High Level Meeting on the MDGs in September and UN GA it will be possible to decide on further work processes into 2014.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Work Group

  • Follow the processes towards a post-2015 development framework
  • Develop a prioritized strategy for involvement of IAPB directly and in broader alliances
  • Elaborate policy briefings, positions and advocacy messages in line with the IAPB strategy and already developed overall position

Expectations to Work Group Members

  • Share information and intelligence within the group regularly, including feedback from participation in events, meetings, identification of opportunities, possible targets
  • Inputting and signing off on formal IAPB collaborative submissions/ statements promptly
  • Active participation in developing the IAPB advocacy agenda on the post-2015 development framework
  • Regular participation in conference calls to shape the overall IAPB involvement

If you are interested to become a member of the POST 2015/ MDG Work Group, please email IAPB’s Advocacy Manager, Zoe Gray, by the 11th February.