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Global Clinic is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore, with a mission to improving access to medical care to under-served areas, primarily in Asia. The main objectives of the Vision Team is to provide resources for prevention of blindness, provide cost-effective treatments and educate healthcare professionals on models of care for sustainable programs in rural areas of Asia. Led by Dr Marcus Ang, a founding Director of Global Clinic, he is Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Singapore National Eye Center and Asst. Professor at DUKE-NUS University Singapore. He is also Hon. Consultant at the Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK. Since 2006, Global Clinic Vision Team have had programs in India, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and most recently Myanmar to run free eye clinics, provide free cataract surgery and conduct educational courses to local ophthalmologists in conjunction with local NGOs and supported by the local Ministries of Health.

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