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India is home to 12 million classified blind patients. Sadly, 80% of these cases would have been entirely preventable, if detected and treated on time. Unfortunately, most eye care clinics and specialist are big city based business. This leaves the largely uninformed rural populations ignored, unscreened and untreated, with no access to quality eye care. Most never even find out that their conditions are correctible and treatable. Instead their sight begins to weaken and blur, the world gets hazier as they continue to struggle to make ends meet. Once their world goes dark, many lose their ability to make a living and are reduced to living in abject poverty or as dependents.

The GEF was founded to address this very problem. This is the reality that inspired Dr. Sundar Ram Shetty and his eight colleagues to establish the Globe Eye Foundation (GEF) in 1995. GEF Eye Hospital is a non-profit organization with a Vision: “Quality Eye Care to all to reduce avoidable blind”

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