Grameen Health Care Services

Grameen Health Care Services (GHS) is a member of the Grameen Family of companies, pioneering the concept of "Social Business Initiative" of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

GHS has been established with the view of contributing to the health sector of Bangladesh, to fulfil the alarming need for health care services, especially for the vast low income population living in the remote rural areas of Bangladesh. GHS is providing eye care services through its three eye hospitals established at Bogra (2007), Rupatali (2009) and Thakurgaon (2013).

GHS activities follow the Social Business principle of Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of GHS: “These hospitals will be a unique example of social business enterprises. The main objective of these hospitals will be to provide services to people without incurring losses. Unlike traditional businesses, which are driven with the motive of profit-maximization, these hospitals will be operated as no-loss business enterprises for maximizing benefits to people. Investors here will not claim any dividends, and the profits will be used for expansion of the hospitals and further development of healthcare programs.”