Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF)

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The Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF) supports new international collaborations and welcomes sponsorships to help expand its mission to cure blindness within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region.

The vision of HEF is that all people will have access to quality eye care. We look to fill the disparity gap and serve the underserved in all rural corners of Hawai’i, the Pacific and throughout the world.  The two pillars to our organization are: educational programs and surgical missions. We deliver ophthalmic training to local health care professionals and provide direct eye care to patients in need. Since 1984, we have expanded these services from Hawai’i and Tonga to neighboring Pacific islands, SE Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Annually, we are proud to do our part to combat visual impairment by conducting at least 30-35 missions, 1500 charity surgeries, 5000 examinations, and training over 150 medical professionals to serve the blind poor.

Executive Director:  Darrah Kauhane

Phone: (808) 536-3961

Email:  Contact@hawaiianeyefoundation.org