OneDollarGlasses Association

Millions of people around the world need glasses but do not have the means to afford them. The lack of trained optical professionals, lack of realization of eyeglasses’ benefits, and elevated eyeglass prices mean that children cannot learn and adults cannot work and PROVIDE for their families. OneDollarGlasses wants to change that.

OneDollarGlasses works closely with local health authorities and external partners to develop a system for basic OPTICAL care in developing countries. The holistic system includes local production, optical education, population education, free vision testing, and the immediate assembly and fitting of durable and visually appealing eyewear.

OneDollarGlasses consist of an extremely light and robust spring steel frame into which prefabricated lenses can be easily clicked in by hand, which makes it easy to help people even in remote areas. The spectacle frames are locally manufactured on a simple bending machine.

As part of a one-year training course in Best Spherical Correction, OneDollarGlasses trains technicians in simple refraction and spectacle fitting, thus working to remedy the global shortage of  optical specialists.