Operation Eyesight Universal

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Operation Eyesight Universal is an international development organization dedicated to eliminating avoidable blindness in the developing world. When we were established in Canada in 1963, our primary mandate was to raise funds for treatment and sight-restoring surgery that benefited poor people in India who were avoidably blind from cataract. From this original charity or aid model, Operation Eyesight has evolved into a true development organization, deeply committed to bringing health, stability and prosperity to the world’s most vulnerable people. We still fund treatment and sight-restoring surgery, but today, we emphasize capacity building and sustainability by supplying local medical professionals with the training, equipment and facilities they require to help their own people. We collaborate and support the development of comprehensive levels of eye care, from training community workers to building or refurbishing hospital and clinic infrastructure. Our programs are increasingly recognized as successful and scalable models of preventing blindness and providing eye care in low income countries. Our mission is ‘to eliminate avoidable blindness’ and our vision ‘is for all the world to see’.