Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center

Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center (SEDPTC) is a municipal public health institution providing primary eye care for the population of Shanghai province. It has the most comprehensive three-level network of public health system for prevention and treatment of eye diseases and has become the provincial center with the strongest capacity for preventing and managing comprehensive eye diseases.

For a long time, great efforts have been made to establish a three-level “city-district-community” primary eye care network, integrating health care, education, government, non-government and other resources, and carrying out all kinds of primary eye care services. Performance of the primary eye care is among the best throughout the country and CSR (cataract surgery rate per million people) is among the highest in the country (4581 in year 2015).

SEDPTC’s public health activities, often in cooperation with the non-governmental sector, include oblique amblyopia treatment, refractive errors correction and low vision rehabilitation for needy families and migrant laborers, as well as schools for the blind and other vulnerable groups; prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy; and prevention and control of children myopia.

The center is a member unit of the national blindness-prevention technical steering group; head unit of fundus disease group of the ophthalmic branch in the Chinese Medical Association; and deputy head unit of blindness-prevention group. The center is entrusted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and takes multiple responsibilities, including developing the method and formulating the index of assessment and evaluation of Chinese provincial work of blindness-prevention and treatment; research on the history of international blindness-prevention & treatment and primary eye care; as well as the economic burden of China’s children and adolescent’s refractive errors.

Currently, the national primary eye care training centre is being built in the center. SEDPTC strives to share its experience and model with all regions of China as well as other countries.


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