SightLife is a global health organisation focused on restoring sight to the blind. Our mission is to serve as a global leader and partner in eliminating corneal blindness worldwide. We take proven best practices in the for-profit franchising world , combine it with SightLife’s deep operational expertise as the world’s leading eye bank, and apply that model to tackle the root causes that leave 10 million people waiting to have their sight restored.

SightLife’s Global Eye Bank Development Program addresses the primary barrier to treating corneal blindness – the shortage of transplantable corneas – by creating a successful eye bank model that helps build the capacity of local eye banks in the developing world to serve the needs of their own communities. The model not only provides scalability, sustainability and quality, but focuses on developing local leadership, community ownership and equity in services, providing transplants to those with the most need.

SightLife’s goal is to eliminate corneal blindness in India by 2020 and worldwide by 2040. We are the only non-profit global health organisation focused 100% on ending corneal blindness worldwide.


Scott Garrepy

Chief Development Officer