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Vision Care is an international relief organization dedicated to the prevention of blindness through global projects and initiatives. Since its establishment in 2002, Vision Care has worked for the benefit of all people throughout the world who are suffering from vision problems, regardless of their race, color, national origin or religion. Moreover, Vision Care aims to raise public on blindness prevention activities

‘Restore Sight, Share Vision’ is the slogan of Vision Care: In the simplest, purest sense, Vision Care seeks to restore sight by treating one person at a time to share a vision of the world. Vision Care has conducted blindness relief activities in disadvantaged areas in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia where the quality of medical services is very inadequate. Vision Care has provided free eye examination, and performed free cataract surgeries in 38 different countries. Vision Care works towards sustainable eye health not only through its week-long surgical eye camps, but also through long term sustainable programs by assisting local hospitals with obtaining equipment and advancing the infrastructure needed to develop sustainable eye care delivery systems. In addition, over the years, Vision Care has established branch offices/partner hospitals to more effectively and strategically work together with different stakeholders.

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