Visualiza is a Guatemala-based social enterprise, which operates clinics providing high-quality, inexpensive eye care through a high-volume model.  Visualiza’s Eye Clinic services Guatemala City and its surrounding area and the Department of Peten to the north. In 2013, with only 2% of the nation’s ophthalmologists, Visualiza, through its Guatemala City clinic and its Pescatore clinic in San Benito, performed over 20% of all cataract surgeries in Guatemala.

Visualiza is the first eye care institution of this type in Latin America. Visualiza works closely with many major non-governmental organizations interested in eye care including International Eye Foundation (IEF,) the Seva Foundation, ORBIS, and Vision for the Poor.

Visualiza is working to increase internal capacity to other clinics in the region: Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and Peru.


Mr. Juan Francisco Yee Melgar, Administrative Director – email