IAPB Members Speak Out on COVID-19

Membership Services Manager
Organisation: IAPB
The current COVID-19 situation is effecting us in our home lives, and within our working lives through the projects that we are working on in order to help others. We have reached out to our members to ask them, how it is affecting their work. We hope to keep updating this page. SIGHTSAVERS Amid the…

Swiss Red Cross expands eye care network in Kyrgyzstan

International Cooperation, Communications Department
Organisation: Swiss Red Cross

Carmen Steimann, Swiss Red Cross on their eye care programme in Kyrgyzstan. Poverty can be one of the causes of blindness, as it is one of the barriers in accessing care. We at the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) are working in various countries to break this vicious circle. In 2016, we launched an eye care programme…